Full Time Internship Positions in Functional Medicine Testing

This is an exciting opportunity to join a dedicated team of scientists who work towards development of novel

Interest in genetic and preventive medicine testing is increasing among healthcare providers as well as general public. New developments in bioanalytical technology together with deeper understanding of underlying complex mechanisms influencing our health open new opportunities for advanced medical testing for truly personalized interventions.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a dedicated team of scientists who work towards development of novel bioanalytical tests to be applied in preventive and functional medicine. Our company focuses on combination of genetic and metabolic tests connected via biochemical pathways for providing the most effective personalized interventions which help our clients to improve and maintain their health.

Contract: Initially for 2 years (with 3 month probation period), depending on the work performance, a permanent contract can be offered at the end of the internship. Previous work experience is not required.

Education: minimum Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry, Medical Biosciences, Life Sciences or other related field.

Personal characteristics: good team player, deep interest in latest scientific developments and passion for innovation, well organized and highly motivated to succeed.

This is a paid internship. Salary will be offered depending on the qualifications and experience of the candidate. Two internships are offered. The first one focuses on R&D of metabolic testing, and the second one on pathway omics R&D.

Intern in metabolic testing R&D – main duties:

  • Support the metabolic team in sample preparation for metabolic analysis (methods include protein precipitation, solid phase extraction, liquid-liquid extraction, chemical derivatization etc.);
  • Operate LC-MS/MS instruments for analysis of biospecimens;
  • Assist with data analysis, interpretation and management;
  • Assist during development and validation of LC-MS/MS based analytical methods;
  • Work effectively with latest scientific literature supporting R&D efforts.

Intern in pathway omics R&D – main duties:

  • Search through latest scientific literature for novel metabolic and genetic biomarkers related to various chronic diseases;
  • Work together with the team to explore in detail the relationship of these biomarkers to the chronic conditions;
  • Support the R&D efforts of genetic and metabolic teams and focus on interpretation of the biomarkers in context of their metabolic pathways as well as their connection to other related genetic and metabolic markers;
  • Assist with research on the personalized interventions for the selected chronic conditions;
  • Stay abreast of the latest technological and scientific developments.