Partnership with Dr. Lauren Bramley & Partners

Hong Kong - June 16th, 2016 - Govita Tech Limited, a life science research and development company, today

Hong Kong – June 16th, 2016 – Govita Tech Limited, a life science research and development company, today announced the launch of its state-of-the-art laboratory and the partnership with Dr. Lauren Bramley & Partners, an internationally renowned anti-aging clinic located in Hong Kong. Govita Tech is pioneering the application of biomarker test panels in the preventive health and precision wellness.

“We are honored to partner with Govita Tech laboratory and participate in their multi-molecular biomarker panel detection program.” said Dr. Bramley, founder & CEO of Dr. Lauren Bramley & Partners. “Our goal is to prevent diseases and delay aging by longitudinal testing and assessment of highly selective biomarkers. Such advanced testing enables us to provide truly personalized interventions. Having the opportunity to partner with the local molecular biomarker testing laboratory and engage with their innovative programs will help us provide better services in personalized preventive healthcare.”

Govita Tech Limited is the first company specializing in the development of integrated molecular biomarker panels for personalized preventive health and anti-aging in Hong Kong and is already working with several Hong Kong industrial and academic institutions for life science education, research and development programs.

About Govita – Established in 2016 in Hong Kong, Govita Tech Limited is a cutting-edge technology-driven company with a talented team of interdisciplinary scientists, specializing in the research and development of integrated molecular biomarker panels and their applications in personalized preventive health. Our mission is to provide scientific insights through the analysis of individual’s genetic and biochemical data and empower our clinical partners to provide personalized interventions for their customers to delay aging and improve the overall quality of life.

About Dr. Lauren Bramley & Partners – Dr. Bramley is a Medical Doctor licensed in Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, who has focused on Endocrinology and Preventive Genetic Diagnostics. She has board certifications with World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and The American Anti-Aging Association.

Dr. Bramley has practiced for over 18 years in Hong Kong where she established Dr. Lauren Bramley & Partners in Central, Hong Kong. The clinic is a multi-function facility focusing on complete wellness for individuals and families. The clinic has more than twenty dedicated doctors and practitioners in family medicine, anti-ageing medicine, aesthetic medical procedures, dentistry, obstetrics and gynecology, osteopathy, mental health, genomics, nutrition, podiatry and traditional Chinese medicine.