Immunity and Immune Boosting: Help You to Become Stronger by Boosting Your Immune System

Your body’s ability to fight pathogens is impacted by the strength of your immune system. As such, we

Your body’s ability to fight pathogens is impacted by the strength of your immune system. As such, we provide a new treatment to fortify your immune system making you become stronger, thus allowing you to fight off viral and bacterial infections.

The immune system is composed of immune organs, cells and molecules, and has the function of defending and eliminating the invasion of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc.). Innate immunity is inherent in the body, including the epidermis and biochemical barrier. Adaptive immunity is the body’s acquired defense, including immune antibodies produced by infection, and the body’s ability to resist infection after vaccination.

The reasons for the decline in immunity include aging, environmental hazards, unhealthy lifestyles, such as lack of exercise, smoking and heavy drinking, poor sleep, malnutrition, and excessive stress. It also indicates that some important bioactive substances in your body are being lost or lacking, which need to be supplemented to restore and strengthen the immunity.

We test biomarkers related to immunity, assess personal immune status, and provide proprietary formula of endogenous tripeptide to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, activate and enhance immune functions.

An active tripeptide is bio-synthesized in the body, which regulates signals and interacts with enzymes in biological pathways to support immunity, anti-virus and inflammation, repairing DNA damage and organ detoxification. The level of this endogenous tripeptide will decrease with age, which will cause a variety of body functions to decline. It will also be depleted with various diseases, leading to continued or severe conditions.

Our Dexla™ immune booster integrates advanced organic fermentation technology to produce high-purity endogenous tripeptide, which are scientifically formulated according to biological pathways, and encapsulated by innovative liposomal technology. After oral administration, this highly functional endogenous tripeptide is quickly replenished into cells to effectively restore and enhance immunity, fight pathogens and detoxify toxins.